Ever since this whole thing in New York City went down a few weeks ago,I have been wondering-
what would William T. Vollman have to say on the subject?

Vollman spent some of his formative journalistic years in Afghanistan and wrote a book,now out of print about those experiences (a book I am really itching to get my fingers on).

Last year he went back.

Luckily I came across this interview in Salon yesterday,which was published last Thursday. Vollman is a savvy writer and has some extremely well informed opinions. Although I do not agree with all of his tenets, I respect the scope of his knowledge immensely. I believe he is the honest kind of voice we need to hear more from these days.


Continuing Gareth’s Portland meme, last night on our local cornball Fox 5 News they ran a human interest story:
1000 Portlanders Come to Spend Time in the Big Apple.”(One of those pump up the economy/feel good/God Bless America stories). Unfortunately I can’t find a link to this veritable non story, but if you had been watching it, I imagine you would have thought it was REALLY funny. Reported by cranky news personality Penny Crone.


My sister reported to me that it was 101 degrees in her Northern Californian town yesterday. Now that is just not right. And here, people are still wearing flip flops on Fifth Avenue.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.        – Albert Camus


Podular.net is making me hungry.