Last week, my wonderful friend and neighbor Ken was kind enough to invite me along to a performance at The Kitchen.
It so happens the project presented that evening wasThe Logic of Birds, a multimedia offering by the Iranian born film maker Shirin Neshat. I previously had found myself very interested in her work,especially after reading this engaging article about her last fall.

I bring this up because suddenly I see Shirin Neshat¬†everywhere. She is on my radar anyway. Today in a bookstore I noticed her imagery was gracing the front of Art In America. Yes,the work is very timely at the moment. I think as broad as this may sound- she offers up another insight into a culture that again as American’s we have a sparse knowledge base for. As you can see I am gathering wool.

In this current Logic performance/media presentation,
I was a little boggled by her use of dancers (too distracting).
The vocalist though, Sussan Deyhim, appears simultaneously during the performance live and on screen has a really amazing,haunting voice.
I now wish I had the opportunity to see more of Neshat’s cinematic work.


More Neshat via still photography:

“The Gun and the Gaze”.
Shirin Neshat’s photographs.



Okay, totally Off Topic. Either you love him or hate him- David Lynch.

I can’t wait to fork over my ten dineros. God,now I have something to live for…Mulholland Drive.

No, it really doesn’t take much.