William Eggleston in The Real World

Seattle you have a real treat coming to you. Starting November 10th and running through Nov 16th, Northwest Film Forum is presenting the local premiere of the documentary William Eggleston in the Real World.

William Eggleston’s color saturated, sublimely aimed photographs of common subjects should make for a mesmerizing visual film and it will be interesting to see what is in Eggleston’s head.

It is rare for an artist of such stature to allow himself to be shown as unguardedly as Eggleston does in this intimate portrait. Almereyda tracks the photographer on trips to Kentucky, Los Angeles and New York, but gives particular attention to downtime in Memphis, Eggleston’s home base. –Palm Pictures.


Last fall when I was visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art I happened upon Eggleston’s Los Alamos project, which was basically a retrospective of his photos taken between 1965 and 1974, as he traveled around parts of America. Much like Arbus (who immediately came to mind for me) there is much more at work in his prints than simple nostalgia and documentation of a certain time. Eggleston gets at a certain psychology in his subjects, which he culls from using his “democratic camera”. I spent a long time examining and reexamining the photos and for some reason that is one exhibit that has reverberated long after seeing it.

I was hoping this movie would be released soon, and now it is coming to our own fair town.

For more on William Eggleston, here is the official site representing his work.