I know it is a Seattle cliche, but after being back for two months, I am still bowled over at the manners everyone has around here. Of course you never know these things until you get away from them, but it is pretty stunning.

Even riding the bus. Now that I am privy of bus stories everyday I am fastinated. Everyone has a small relationship with the bus driver, everyone says hi.






It’s Seafair time around here which means the Blue Angels have been making there presence known every day flying over head in the sky.

I hate them.

This week, sitting in an unfamiliar office I suddenly heard the sound of planes flying right into our office. At least I was there only one there that thought that was what was going on. Everyone else was thrilled with the deafening sound of airplanes flying faster than the speed of noise. The excitement of those near aerodynamic misses as they practically kiss each other in the air.

I was suprised this even bothered me, but I did let out a little gasp. Every time they flew back over I let out a little shudder. I guess the fear of airplanes potentially flying into buildings, nearly clipping the low skyline doesn’t even cross anyone’s mind here.