First Thursday February


I had a great time last night ducking into a handful of galleries for First Thursday’s gallery openings (or continuation). Finally got to see the show and chat with the fine folks at Platform Gallery who have their fantastic exhibit build up until February 11th. An interesting group show of strangely related systems, I was particularly enamored with Lucas Kelly’s drawings based on erasure.

Hitting 4-CultureDavidson Contemporary and then of course Shift Studio, I was excited for studio mate Michelle Forsyth who has a really strong show up of intricate . Of course there is hardly any art seen from the opening photos.

So there is much more to see, but sometimes its nice to not use First Thursday as a drive by fast food excursion. A common consensus appears the non stop rain is about ready to drive an entire population over the edge, however this didn’t stop a large amount of people from venturing out to check out the art.




I’ve been chewing on Anna’s entry previously about artist health issues, but mainly about her in discussion about full-time versus part-time in the day job world. This past week I made the monumental decision to go back to work full-time, after having a couple of years and the luxury of almost working part-time, which allowed me to get done a lot of things. However, reality beckons and it’s time to deal with the other part of my life- paying bills. So much for keeping things running in a fair and balanced way. I know what happens next, life tends to get gobbled up, but we’ll see. In the mean time my brain seems to be in idle-mode, especially in the last week I feel exhausted. We’ll get back on the horse again soon, this could be a good experiment.

Nice web redesign by the way Anna!