Coney Island 2002

There is a series of photos I took in May of 2002, that I would like to revisit.
Clearly the subject matter stands on it’s own, I was just there to witness it one afternoon.
I used to spend hours walking around New York on my lunch hour and during the weekends, just exploring.
Coney Island at that time still had the exotic seediness that was starting to creep out of other parts of the city, and I loved going there.
I haven’t been back since that day unfortunately.


First batch of Pickles

First Batch of Pickles

Ben asked me yesterday about what kind of photos I am interested in taking. The first word that came to mind was domestic, which sounds incredibly banal when you attempt to explain it. What I meant was interior landscapes. Small things. Everyday life.

This is my test workshop and the above photo is one from the first test batch after putting the camera together yesterday. It’s exciting to have something to chase after, something where there is so much to learn.

I found this morning in my internet travels a photographer who makes the kind of work I am interested in viewing and thinking about.

Barbara Bosworth

From the Peabody Exxex site:

Over the last 20 years, renowned Boston artist Barbara Bosworth has made photographs of her family around her childhood home in Novelty, Ohio, and at other locations significant to her family. Be among the first to see these touching images that explore the joy of youth and the wistfulness of aging, memory and the passage of time. Also on view, delicate natural objects collected by Bosworth’s family show a continuity of interest in nature across generations.

Here is more of Bosworth at the Smithsonian.

Domestic food for thought.