Sheila Farr

Thank you Seattle Met and who ever made the decision a couple of years ago to hire Sheila Farr to write about art again.


Here she is in fine form in this piece about Francine Seders: Francine Seders, Accidental Art Dealer.  francine-seders_e9h3ve Photo credit Seattle Met/Brandon Hill From the article:

Then in her 30s, Seders still looked as fresh-faced and candid as a schoolgirl. With her high heels and lilting French accent, she was appealingly mediagenic. One local reporter described her as “dark eyed and fragile…like a figure from a Degas painting.” A bit reserved with strangers, she was still more comfortable around artists than customers who needed to be coddled and convinced. In a business known for competitiveness, calculated maneuvering, and backroom deals, Seders was straightforward and transparent. If someone asked about the future value of a painting (akin to predicting the stock market), she’d answer bluntly: “I have no idea.” She cared about the art, not the ingratiating rituals of salesmanship.

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Farr was the Seattle Times art critic from roughly 2000-2008 (her sign off here)/(her favorite pieces here).