Anne Appleby at TAM

Anne Appleby – We Sit Together The Mountain and Me.

More on this exhibit in a day or two but it was definitely worth my visit to the Tacoma Art Museum.

There is a great interview with her on my go to podcast Modern Art Notes (#336), which prompted my early Saturday drive from Seattle.

Sadly there was no catalog for the show, but Tyler who hosts the podcast indicates in his bio at one point there was supposed to be one in the works.


Rat House

For three years and for many reasons I haven’t been able to go into the studio. Lately the main rationale though was I thought rats had gotten everything. I started crying when my brother-in-law braved the horror stories and we realized everything was intact. Everything will be all right.

I’ll only say this once…..

Wow. But seriously, what happened to The Henry?

Went to see the Elizabeth Murray Project tonight, which was small yet lovely.
Thankfully the Turrell Skyspace was open because that was about it. I felt like I was in a white cube ghetto*.

I see this has been going on for awhile (When Did The Henry Art Gallery Fall Asleep) and now there is no one here to write a follow up.

I did love seeing the collaboration between Elizabeth Murray and Anne Waldman (Her Story), although one could wonder if it was two guys collaborating would they call it ‘His Story‘? You of course know the answer to that and sure you can ask yourself if I’m being cranky enough. Go ahead.

At any rate that has nothing to do with the actual work which is a thoughtful collaboration between words and printmaking. I was glad I stopped by to see it being a large Murray fan. I could learn more about Waldman. I hate crowds and there was really no one there on this Thursday night so I shouldn’t complain about that either.

The Her Story exhibit is up until November 4th, 2018.

  • That’s supposed to be funny. Of course there are no white cube ghettos.

Orange Sweater

Painting and retiling my heinous bathroom which I have been meaning to do for eleven years. The only way I can get through this mind numbing process is to circle back on Tyler Green’s MAN podcast, which like all things in life I’ve abandoned for awhile.

During a double-header interview Tyler does with painter Wayne Thiebaud my breath stopped a bit when Thiebaud suddenly starts discussing the finer aspects of one of my favorite paintings, Elmer Bischoff’s 1955 Orange Sweater. Be still my heart indeed I laughed. Thiebaud is a complete gentleman. I am so grateful the ponderings of this 97 year old legend have been captured and it’s a complete and utter joy to listen to.

(Episodes 324 & 325)

Tyler also has a wonderful interview in Episode 336 with Anne Appleby who currently has a show up at Tacoma Art Exhibit titled We Sit Together At The Mountain and as I am trying to discern, sounds like made a contribution to the exhibition catalogue. When I go to TAM I will ask them about this as there is nothing on their website eluding to its existence.

Appleby and her luminescent paintings are a favorite here and I can’t wait to see the exhibit which includes a video she created.

As you well know I have been a loyal follower of Tyler and his continuum of MAN projects over the years. It is so wonderful to know he persists in his thoughtful exploration of the art world. I am glad he is still here.

I’m such a fan we even had a site category dedicated to him on this website: MAN.

Back to the drudgery of painting walls, which is an entirely different pursuit than making a painting on canvas.