$39,999.99 (shipping and handling included)

Costco – the place to buy five pound tubs of butter, a years supply of shampoo and caskets has been moonlighting as a place to buy art for awhile now. This week though they really got down to business when they started moving Picasso.

According to reports:

“Picasso probably did it in a minute and a half, so it would be tough to sell this thing for more than $100,000,” said Bengis, who said Picasso probably bartered the drawing for services. “But Picasso’s work is the gold standard of art, in that the prices of his work, whether print or painting, increase every year.”
Costco, which also sells framed lithographs and prints by celebrated artists such as Marc Chagall, Fernand Leger and Henri Matisse, plans to increase and diversify its offering of fine art, although it has one stipulation: no nudity in the artwork.

Meanwhile, it is obvious artists who exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Sugar have been raiding Costco’s storehouse of sugar to create their latest works. Their latest exhibit, Gingerbread Houses By Contemporary Artists. The museum, which along with tooth decay is looking for a permanent home currently has an exhibit up at Terminal 2 East at Lindbergh Field.