Of course the millisecond we got to town we had to rent the video Singles, being the 10 year anniversary and everything (of the movie and us).

How could we have forgotten its intense Afterschool Special factor? The bad, bad, boring plot? All I remember is the music, but there is so little of that. Matt Dillon is funny and it sure is a crack up to realize the main character works to solve “traffic problems” (sorry about that Supertrain buddy).

Ben blurted out half way through the movie,”Everyone looks like Nancy Wilson of Heart!”. I responded,”You know Cameron Crowe is married to Nancy, I swear I’ve told you before!”

It was true though,through a miracle of somewhat modern science- Kyra Sedgwick did resemble Nancy Wilson,circa “Roger Fisher/Dreamboat Annie” era.

Priceless moments abound in this film,many featuring a mixed pack of yuppies-in-waiting sporting various Sub-Pop tee shirts (including the ever popular “Loser” one). Where was Mudhoney in all of this?

I sadly missed this potent fact during viewing: Eric Stolz (in his Bridget Fonda days) playing the role of a lifetime as an unrecognizable mime in one of the movie’s more anti-climatic scenes.