Treasure Hunt

In getting reacquainted with my fair city I have been bewildered by how many things seemed to have disappeared since I last thought about them. Some places,such as Bud’s Jazz Records and the Catholic Seaman’s Club were just misplaced in the memory bank. I found myself walking down the wrong street looking for them.

Others though are hard to understand. I found some things are really old news but strange to me. For instance my first visit to the University District had me searching for the Last Exit on Brooklyn and strangely feeling lost, most certainly I must have gone down the wrong street? But it is really gone. A Seattle institution (albeit a gross one) and place of past employ for me,I couldn’t believe it. Research found it was moved years ago, you can see how little I’ve kept up.

But here also may I momentarily dab a kleenex to one millimeter of my eye to ponder the demise of this strange mix: Cafe Counter Intelligence, The Western Coffee Shop, The Ditto, The real Cyclops, The Twin TeePees,The Frontier Room (I can’t even comment on the remodel), The OK, The Gibson, Ernie Steele’s, The Doghouse…and so on.