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1. I never thought I would find myself jumping on a political bandwagon,but
if you are feeling optimistic about a Post-Giuliani world (or okay,even just your own neighborhood)

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow


And if you live in Brooklyn here is a good Primary shake down guide and just some good general NYC voter info too.

I am praying that they have fixed our Voting Booths since the Presidential election last fall.
A horrific experience not to be repeated,okay?


We all have them….

2. Esa of the fine Brooklyn site Bergen Street has started a repository for good subway stories!
Come add yours- I’m trying to whittle mine down to a manageable nub. It makes my head hurt just to think about them all.


4. For all us hold outs on the cell phone factor, I find the fact that Verizon will soon be charging 50 cents to use their non functioning pay phones, just magnificent!

Neo Rauch