I can’t help it, this stuff is still circulating in my brain:

When I got back from my time away someone at work had put this clipping (from one of the NY newspapers) on my desk, only because it was location related. I love how tragedy can be reduced to an irrelevant news blip found at the bottom of the lifestyles section -like“oh by the way“:

She Jumped, as Urged

This is a nation in a hurry,its roaring motorists notoriosly immpatient with any snag. That haste took a particularly dark turn when-in laid back Seattle,no less- a woman climbed onto a highway bridge above a ship canal. While police tried to talk her down,rush-hour drivers were less understanding,taunting her and urging her to jump. After three hours,she did just that. As she began recovering in a hospital,though, a shudder of remorse rippled through the city, and bouquets and cards poured in.

(By the way Moira spoke of this as it happened. I just find the trickle down effect strange and weird,seeing how news items piggy back and get reduced by each other as they travel across the country)


And I started reading a really great and entertaining book while en route to Seattle, which unfortunately was a little too appropriate considering the subject matter:
Our Band Could Be Your Life  (by Michael Azerrad).
I only got a few chapters in before doing a hand off to a bunch of guys headed to Chicago for the Noc.Emissions showcase, but I am hoping to pick up where I left off next week. A not so earth shattering fact already garnered from said book: Henry Rollins is an only child. Hmmmm.
Mike Watt is fucking hilarious by the way. But you already knew that.
I can only imagine what they will do to regurgitate the past. I hope it isn’t as horrifying as the December 1992 issue of Vogue magazine.And seriously before getting too carried away with all this nostalgia nonsense, I just have to make one last comment regarding the fact that VH1 is running their “Grunge” special next Thursday.

Particularly funny:
Grunge-Where Are They Now File.


If you are in Chicago tonight,
Kung Pao is playing at the
Double Door.