(Is this being shown in Kansas?)

I have taken a vow against watching any television news for my own sanity,and I almost feel like throwing in the towel all together (not a bad idea really).

Last night though I found a really interesting program on PBS regarding Darwin’s theories– seen both historically and through a contemporary lens. Really interesting stuff, and guess what, it’s an 8 part series called evolution (with 6 parts to go).
I know, even my own boyfriend thinks I’m a nerd. It’s okay.


Just a quick PSA to anyone living here in NYC- it’s voting day.
With the approaching nightmare,the mind bogglingnightmare of what Pataki is trying to push through Albany right now, please at least give your opinion a shot.

I reminded my co-worker Brent today that he hadn’t thought things could get any worse back in January.

Hey Moira, I’m linkable
…I think.


Taking Falwello task….

“It’s bad enough that we liberals, queers and even Boy Scouts have been subjected to the Reverend’s absurdities during peacetime, but now that the man has admitted (only under pressure) that the nation which allows him the very liberties to speak his mind was attacked by terrorists and not a taunted and vengeful God, I suggest we re-examine his agenda and consider him a menace.”