A in A – Report from Seattle

After ODing on art criticism, art rags and anything and all about art writing, I haven’t picked up an art magazine all summer- it has been a refreshing break. However, I was pleasantly surprised to note a fairly lengthy profile featured in the September issue of Art in America on my own fair city of Seattle. AiA hadn’t covered the Seattle art world in a feature since 1986, which is pointed out in the first paragraph.

“Plugged in and Caffeinated” reports: The city’s relative youth, its outdoor orientation and maybe even its distance from New York contribute to an intensity in work and an energy in the air.”

I’m apt to say there is enough in the article to provide Seattle has some great things going for it and I would have to agree one of the fine points is its far, far away location from NYC. A sidebar about Tacoma (Steve Miller’s favorite city) notes the cities art boosterism is giving it a good enough reason to make it its own destination for art.

(And yes, we all know AinA is a trade magazine, however I found this particular article a refreshing change from the usual tripe, even though of course there were a few oversights in the article it is a pretty comprehensive scoop on what is going on here right now.)