A Whole New World….

Platform Gallery opens their door tonight. I am most curious what will be shown here, and am excited to see a new gallery focusing on Contemporary Art in Seattle. This is a commercial space, but run by artists so should be an interesting combo. They are featuring Flat Files at their gallery, inspired directly by the highly successful Pierogi flat files in Brooklyn, as you can see by the lead quote on that page. They are also kicking off a print portfolio project, so out of the gate they are attempting ambitious waters.

Stranger article profiling the gallery pre-opening from 6/04.

Two of the gallerist have web sites of their own:
Carol Bolt
Blake Haygood (he’s scheduled for a Platform show in January)

I hope they do well.

Tonight is First Thursday, with a bunch of new shows, and gallery reopenings down in Pioneer Square. Gallery4Culture amongst others have new shows up, including an interesting lightbox show at Gallery 110, which I must say is also a commercial space run by artists.