April 20, 2001

Ode to Crispin Hellion Glover

Larry , Born to Lose


was not the King of the Echo People.
Howdy Cleveland
But Rubin Farr was.
Larry Huff on Channel 2 knows not of
But that’s not The Big Problem.
Jimmy is in The Final Chapter
Which explains why
Joey got a G.E.D.
(Although) not from My Tutor.
Maybe so did Archie
(At High School U.S.A.?)
Don’t ask Lucas, he’s At Close Range.
Nor undertake a question from Bobby McBurney,
While eating a whole watermelon –
With Cousin, hungry Dell.
Maybe Andy sucked a big one but-
What’s the Solution,the Solution=
What is it?
A:Your hair is very, tall.

Born today, 1964

Found- one Mr. Density.