Belated Krafft at Roq la Rue


I haven’t gotten out to see art in the past few months, but last Friday I was kicking myself for realizing I’d missed the last day of Charles Krafft’s and Frank Kozik’s The Devil’s Hobby Hut show at Roq la Rue. I took the bus over to the gallery that night anyway and found them still open- Krafft intact.
I was so blown away. I know as an off again-on again Seattleite I am coming into my Krafft knowledge late, but standing there I was very glad I hadn’t missed the latest work, featuring Mad Cow Creamers,Lugers and other porcelain objects that keep your tongue smashed into your cheek during viewing.

I waited a half hour to nab my sidekick who was meeting me downtown, to bring him back to the gallery. After a few silent moments of viewing Krafft’s beautifully painted Delft ceramics saturated with references to Nazi Germany and Holland- he proclaimed it was one of the best shows he had ever visited.

Gallery owner Kirsten said the latest imagery did not go over well in Holland where he recently made and showed his work. I can see why, having visited Amsterdam twice, and realizing even everyday conversation is still strewn with bitterness over what happened half a century ago. Krafft has traveled so much and shows also in Los Angeles I asked foolishly if he was still living in Seattle, which of course he is.

Reading about Krafft’s adventures in Slovenia, and travels with NSKlead me to believe he is the doppelganger of writer of William T. Vollman, whose own work has been a running commentary of the same subject matter.

Good news for fans of Roq La Rue, tonight the gallery opens Mark Mothersbaugh’s Beautiful Mutants (opening 6-10pm), a new series of “corrected” photographs by Devo frontman and Life Aquatic composer himself. Bonus extra good news, starting next month Roq La Rue is moving next door, opening their October show in new expansive headquarters that are three times larger than the current gallery and will feature a bookshop.