Cascadia Art Museum :: Woodland Reverie

Woodland Reverie: The Art of Helen Loggie

and graphite tree drawings by artist Donna Leavitt.

I always feel so centered upon entering the exhibit rooms in this museum. Here are the drawing and etching exhibits you personally complain are absent in most places. That the artists being showcased are local and most likely an under known female is wonderful. Coming here and then stopping at the waterfront to get that hit of salt water a few yards away is always soul cleansing.

My discontent in many gallery or museum exhibits lately is a considerable lack of featuring people who have drawing skills. That is never a problem here at Cascadia, which showcases the history of our local visual arts that were here from 1860-1970.

What does it take to be an artist living in the Pacific Northwest? Here at Cascadia there is always a direct plumb line back to those who would have asks themselves the same question.

Below are some of Loggie’s etchings:

In a separate room Donna Leavitt’s contemporary tree drawings pair nicely with Loggie’s historical etchings in particular.

I consider this the little museum that could.

More information on Helen Loggie is here.

Donna Leavitt’s website is here

The exhibit Woodland Reverie is up through June 30th.
190 Sunset Ave. S., #E, Edmonds, WA 98020

PS When you are done visiting walk a few yards away to the waterfront and get a hit of salt water and ferry boat departures.