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Adding this for posterity. A week ago I had a terrific conversation with Sharon Butler whose interview embraced many topics both bittersweet and laugh inducing.

Two Coats Conversations

Here is the archived link for the podcast and below are the discussion topics as seen on the Two Coats Conversations site:


Recorded on June 1, 2022 / Artist Carolyn Zick has published the outstanding art blog Dangerous Chunky since 2001 from New York, then Seattle, and now New London, Connecticut. Find out what she’s up to — from writing poetry, drawing, and making books to dealing with a serious cancer diagnosis. Hosted by Sharon Butler.



Carolyn Zick’s website 

Dangerous Chunky 

Carolyn’s “Poets vs. Painters” List

Chapbook Project

Seattle people and organizations: Sharon ArnoldEva LakeRobert Yoder, Art Dish

DIY organization to bring attention to art blogs: Art Bloggers @

Joanne Mattera’s blog

New York Academy of Art

Kimberly Brooks, The New Oil Painting 

The Crit Lab

“Intimacies,” the exhibition we discussed that features work by Crit Lab members, including Carolyn Zick.

Jonathan Silver at Victoria Munroe Fine Art

Two Coats of Paint website

Sharon Butler’s website

A huge and mighty thanks to Sharon for her generosity, amazing research skills and for being an all around wonderful person to speak to.


Orange Sweater

Painting and retiling my heinous bathroom which I have been meaning to do for eleven years. The only way I can get through this mind numbing process is to circle back on Tyler Green’s MAN podcast, which like all things in life I’ve abandoned for awhile.

During a double-header interview Tyler does with painter Wayne Thiebaud my breath stopped a bit when Thiebaud suddenly starts discussing the finer aspects of one of my favorite paintings, Elmer Bischoff’s 1955 Orange Sweater. Be still my heart indeed I laughed. Thiebaud is a complete gentleman. I am so grateful the ponderings of this 97 year old legend have been captured and it’s a complete and utter joy to listen to.

(Episodes 324 & 325)

Tyler also has a wonderful interview in Episode 336 with Anne Appleby who currently has a show up at Tacoma Art Exhibit titled We Sit Together At The Mountain and as I am trying to discern, sounds like made a contribution to the exhibition catalogue. When I go to TAM I will ask them about this as there is nothing on their website eluding to its existence.

Appleby and her luminescent paintings are a favorite here and I can’t wait to see the exhibit which includes a video she created.

As you well know I have been a loyal follower of Tyler and his continuum of MAN projects over the years. It is so wonderful to know he persists in his thoughtful exploration of the art world. I am glad he is still here.

I’m such a fan we even had a site category dedicated to him on this website: MAN.

Back to the drudgery of painting walls, which is an entirely different pursuit than making a painting on canvas.