Sweet Satisfaction.

Notification that Jeffy quit his job today,his exit from cubicle hell:

Two more weeks and I can breathe the fresh air of freedom.
Please don’t put those stupid balloons on my desk, and no parties or “office” potlucks. Thanks


And for myself, I am excited…finally I am going to learn how to knit in November. Something I’ve been pissing and moaning about for far too long.

I was fairly disappointed when the city canceled last Sunday’s scheduled:
Knit Out!
in Union Square (for security reasons, I don’t know, for fear of all those needles?). I was seriously looking forward to it. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. Soon, before the year is out I’ll have an afghan for you.


Keep thinking about

Life as a pie chart.

Keep thinking the slices are getting smaller and smaller.


New from 1000 Ridiculous Tragedies:
Icelandic Disappointment.

May 19, 2001


Hey, sloughing around the house today? Maybe cleaning out your sock drawer or something? Fire up and tune into Vitamin J’s web show over at JunoBeach.com
-he’s promising a hectic set list plus a lot of imbibing about Iggy Pop who was just in Minneapolis on Wednesday. Yow!

Iggy was just in Minneapolis.

Jeff is in Minneapolis.
I was going to try to pass this off as Vit J’s home page, I mean this one, I mean this…uh one.

(edit- what do you mean “sound of one hand clapping?”)

March 30, 2001

chovier2d2_m ken2_m rocker1_2_m

Gratuitous KP tour kick off stats. Bonus factor Rocker #1.

Hello Cleveland. Thank you and good night.


and then to ponder some other thoughts….

“Much like Steven’s scarves on his mic stand are to him, my chain mic stand became my trademark.”

After months went by and after we had been told we were going to be signed and it still hadn’t happened, I began to hate A&R reps and I thought they just flew around teasing bands and building false hopes

At first it was funny, but this scares me. But wait a minute….

If you stick it out to the end you get this:

I was the only one from Rigor Mortis. Now I was feeling proud of myself! Maybe I do belong after all??”


March 22, 2001


*This made me laugh today.

(via an email I received today)-

Horrors of the Cubicle:

“I got called into the office two days ago, I came within a whisker of getting fired. They kept saying “what’s going on” over and over again. My production is supposed to be 100% and it’s at 30%. Then they said “are you on the internet all day?”, and “do you leave early every day?”, and “do you sleep at your desk?”. I looked them straight in the eye and denied everything. Then I told them I suffer from migraine headaches and massive ennui, but I would try to focus and work harder. Surprisingly, I did not get written up or receive any warnings to fly right, but I know the evil eye is staring at me 24-7″

-anonymously posted to save the guilty

(EDITORIAL NOTE: I’m warning you most of this early stuff doesn’t make sense)


“I’m a Bernese Mountain Dog”

This just in from Jeff (aka:RockerOne)-

“My dog breed test says I’m a Chihuahua. I find that oddly refreshing”. Take emode’s The All-New What Breed of Dog Are You?test, and solve whatever identity crisis you are wrapped up in at this moment.

Uh oh- next take the IQ test(All New!) and see if you’ve got the smarts to stop while you’re ahead- before going on to the What’s Your Emotional Age? test.

Before proceeding-

Take this warm-up quiz:

I find the image to the left:


my ideal woman

oddly compelling,but somehow revolting



*”I don’t get it- what do you mean niche marketing?”