Currently obsessed

with Terrence Malick’s movies. Just watched Tree of Life and now want to see the rest of his work.

This started not long ago with Days of Heaven, which is magnificent. As is the lovely Sam Shepard seen above. More soon.

On the cinematography of Days of Heaven (1978)]
“With Néstor Almendros, we decided to film without any artificial light. It wasn’t possible in the houses at night, but outside, we shot with natural light or with the fire. When the American team was saying, ‘This is not how we should proceed,’ Nestor Almendros, very courageously insisted. As we filmed, the team discovered that it was technically easier, and I was able to capture absolute reality. That was my wish: to prevent the appearance of any technique, and that the photography was to be processed to be visually beautiful and to ensure this beauty existed within the world I was trying to show, suggesting that which was lost, or what we were now losing.” – Terrence Malick