Dogs playing poker, what else?

dogs playing poker, what else?

While summer is starting to wind down, we have one week to go before the big local arts festival Bumbershoot this year. There is so much lined up even confirmed crowd avoiders, [like myself] might have to go. The opening night gala is in a week, and free. Exhibits I am looking forward to include Aperture at 50 and Matthew Kangas’ Consumables. The Girlie Fun Show will include one of my favorites, Jenny Hart. Sounds like a good way to kill the dog days.

Bumbershoot Arts Schedule

Yvette has been toiling away and has some beauty of new paintings up!

Hinke  over at Suds and Soda has resumed posting and has some new art up on the walls as well. I don’t see her old work posted, but she has made some interesting progressions with her painting, incorporating a variety of textiles into her work. She always has some fresh postings up in her notebook as well, nice to have a voice from Amsterdam giving a new perspective on the art world. Even though I don’t read Dutch, for instance I very much want to know more about Aaron van Erp’s  paintings, who she posted about on 6.28.