february 1, 2004

I saw a Carroll Dunham drawing show once in one of those tiny little mouse hole spaces on Broadway back when galleries were still prevalent in Soho[ pre Chelsea decamp, and no it wasn’t Metro Pictures].

At any rate the show was all drawings done in crayon. I was so taken by them I found myself walking the additional 5 blocks upon exiting the gallery space straight to Pearl Paint, and purchasing myself the Crayola set of 96 Brilliant colors [the smell of that collective bundle of wax is amazing].

Years later, I still have most of them in tact and today contemplated making a batch of drawings about color.
Crayons while alluring and vivid in the box are the most unforgiving medium once actually sitting on paper. At least that’s what was going on today. I had half a mind to go get the iron and melt them all into a big smear. I wish I could see those Dunham drawings again to see what he was up to.