february 5, 2004

mg I can’t help myself, everyday I have to look to see what smart ass thing is sitting on Mat’s Live Journal, or as he names it The Life between Art & Lines . Mat is pretty funny in stand alone form, but it becomes gratifying to know he punches out Coagula every other month, the beautiful and most sardonic publication that must possibly come out of Los Angeles [about art anyway]. Yes, the Live Journal as a continuum possibly contains a little too much information, but who told me to look any way.
I find a book titled: 
Most Art Sucks: Five Years of Coagula hard to resist as well. 

Matthew Barney haters and student loan payer backers will like this nibble. You kind of can’t help but feel MG standing there, snickering behind your back.

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Tonight is First Thursday, which is shorthand for the fact that art venues in Seattle are open free and late tonight. I was actually thinking of braving the crowds , but after reading this big thumbs down and feeling extra tired tonight ,I think I will save it. I do have to get down to that cda gallery though and the one caveat with them is they hold no weekend hours.