february 6, 2004

Late-breaking news: Conner Brothers tonight at 911 Media Arts! !

This Sunday is an event supporting the best resource Seattle has that supports the arts- The Artist TRUST benefit auction.

Artist TRUST is a nonprofit that provides access to resources, holds grant writing workshops, lists job and exhibit opportunities, and most importantly hand out grants to individuals to keep the work making process lubricated. I’m impressed they are still going strong. Yours truly here is hoping to contribute to the cause.

Today I see another Seattle resource geared towards visual artists is having a changing of the guard, Victoria Josslin is stepping down from running artdish.

And lastly, before I make myself insane with all this talk of Regionalism, I have to pull a quote out of the very interesting articleThe Seattle Weekly ran this week about the victory of Slatemagazine:

“The magazine never integrated itself into the local intellectual culture. With the exception of publisher Krohn, who is a member of the Washington News Council, Slatesters haven’t mixed much with local journalists or political figures. In fact, says Shafer, who for a long time served as Kinsley’s deputy editor, “it was always the plan that Mike and I would move back. . . . There is something about working in Seattle that’s akin to floating in an archipelago out in the Pacific. You are several days behind the latest news and gossip coming over the mojo.” In 2000, Shafer returned to D.C. More surprising is that Kinsley became a Northwest convert and stayed. “

Ah shucks.

I have to give it to Slate for their encouragement of visual art coverage while, as it is rightly stated in a contrast/comparison drawn against to alleged rival Salon, there is no competition in that corner [search for recent visual arts articles on Salon turned up this news from 1999]. At any rate, enough blathering!