Going the way of technicolor….

Sorry to be repetitive, I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about this slide issue, which is currently being fanned this morning as I make calls around town inquiring if anyone carries Ektachrome Tungsten film. I think I would be getting a better reception if I asked if their refrigerator was running. I might be throwing in the towel soon on supporting the local troops and go directly to B&H, my old standby, who happens to be online now.

I received a nice email report from Ryan Mulligan over in Richmond, Virginia and runs the site MugsyTheBear. He tells me at the University he attends “they are suggesting dissasembling the Slide Library because professors don’t even know where it is” And so it goes. .

Ryan also suggested checking out the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, who of course are from Seattle but who I missed like a ship in the night as I moved back here the same time they took up residency in NYC.

Vroom has a new review up about the Gallery4Culture exhibit. I need to get downtown soon. I’m on semi-vacation this week and went to check out the 3 Tacoma Museums yesterday, more about this tomorrow while I chew on it.