Guilty Pleasure and More Art


My partner in art crime Yvette and I are getting ready to take to the road and venture down to Portland for their Jupiter Affair and whatever else Portland has to offer this weekend. So I’ve been keeping a steady eye on the websites that serve up the info on what is going on down there. My latest favorite and guilty pleasure: Ultra. Covering art, design and fashion in Portland, Ultra is the guilty pleasure I’ve become enamored with of late. And as any one who doesn’t live in a megalopolis, they know what they have to contend with and are ready to go:

What does it take to make a thriving fashion scene in a city, particularly when it is not a first tier, not a second tier city, but our beloved Portland? While New York, Paris, and Milan have long been fashion centers, viewed as leaders with the creme-de-la-creme in every sector of the industry, second-tier cities like Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, and London have thriving fashion weeks and fashion scenes that nurture up-and-comers and attract international editorial attention.

The adventurous buyer is the key. Because as much as it’s exciting to see a sold-out crowd at a fashion show, if the garments aren’t purchased by a store buyer and purchased again by a savvy and stylish consumer, the fashion show is a moment of theater or a moving art show and that’s not enough to financially sustain either a designer or a fashion economy….[more here].

Didn’t Eva Lake say this a few days ago (see 9.24) on her own site? “Show me the money?”


Seattle artist Robert Yoder also has a savvy new show opening this weekend in Portland at participating-in-Jupiter-events galleryFroelick Gallery. I was lucky to attend an Artist Trust sponsored preview of his new work this weekend and can say – don’t miss it!

Five Seattle galleries will have representation at Affair this year:
Garde Rail Gallery
Howard House
Greg Kucera Gallery
Solomon Fine Art
( and my personal favorite) Platform Gallery

And yes, it’s a fine time of the year for a road trip as well.