High Heel Sneakers

As I sit here today, with the news going on in the background, which I promised I wouldn’t get addicted to again (but today resistance is futile) , it is good to read Regina Hackett’s report on Seattle arts efforts for Hurricane Katrina relief. I’ve also been over at NEWSgrist to see what Joy has gathered lately and on to Seattle’s own City Comforts….for a bit of analysis. If I had a megaphone and had to broadcast to the world I really think, I would ask Ms. Eisenman step in and do the honorsfor me.

sr bush megaphone

I know- we don’t expound on our political views often here as I think the Internet certainly has no shortage, but today I can’t help myself.

PS. As a brief attempt at humor I had to quickly comment on Regina’s third report on people wearing high heel sneakers. Read on….