I’ll only say this once…..

Wow. But seriously, what happened to The Henry?

Went to see the Elizabeth Murray Project tonight, which was small yet lovely.
Thankfully the Turrell Skyspace was open because that was about it. I felt like I was in a white cube ghetto*.

I see this has been going on for awhile (When Did The Henry Art Gallery Fall Asleep) and now there is no one here to write a follow up.

I did love seeing the collaboration between Elizabeth Murray and Anne Waldman (Her Story), although one could wonder if it was two guys collaborating would they call it ‘His Story‘? You of course know the answer to that and sure you can ask yourself if I’m being cranky enough. Go ahead.

At any rate that has nothing to do with the actual work which is a thoughtful collaboration between words and printmaking. I was glad I stopped by to see it being a large Murray fan. I could learn more about Waldman. I hate crowds and there was really no one there on this Thursday night so I shouldn’t complain about that either.

The Her Story exhibit is up until November 4th, 2018.

  • That’s supposed to be funny. Of course there are no white cube ghettos.