January 2, 2004


  I was glad to see the big spread on Polly Apfelbaum in the most recent issue of Art in America, especially coming on the heels of her show here at The Henry [that she shared with Pae White ]. The exhibit was a small offering of her work, but a treat none the less. I have always been in complete appreciation of her color sensibility.

  I have to admit I am in large agreement that most art magazines are [pretty much] a bore. The one exception on a consistent basis is Modern Painters. They manage to actually talk about art in a language that doesn’t make your eyes glaze over. Not quite sure who the American art rags are writing for. Needless to say I was glad to catch a topic in AiA that makes me appreciate the fact I still give a bother. For whatever unknown reason, hope springs eternal.

  The other item of note in AiA is a review of Seattleite Robert Yoder’s recent show at Howard House gallery. Robert has become a bona fide art star in these here parts, since I knew him before relocating to the East Coast 11 odd years ago. I could have kicked myself for missing his New York show by a few days at the Charles Cowles Gallery when I was still in town.

  At any rate it is great to see him get his due. A very cool book about Robert was put out in conjunction with the Howard House show, which I thought was a brilliant thing to do, as they are not only great for folks like myself [affordable] , you were surprised by a print in each one. I selected one accompanied by the orange print.