january 22, 2004


Het iss mijn vork; hij is niet heeell groot. (= It is my fork; it is not very large).

I wish I had retained a little bit more Dutch from visiting Holland to better know Hinke’s observations in her daily notebook updates. Her generosity though is frequently spotted in English for us poor uno-lingual slobs.*

None the less, through her notebook and her progress sheet, it has been really choice to follow her efforts since she started posting Suds and Soda in 2002 [4.02] where you;ll find Hinke has repeatedly been archiving her work and notations about the art world on line . I find it interesting that her site continues to be such an anomaly. You would think for visually apt people the format would be a no brainer. Yet, maybe either I am unobservant and there are loads of artists spreading pixels around everywhere documenting their work, or it is such a deep dark secret I better s.t.f.u. right away.

*no I swear that is not a plea to standardize every website to English. Thanks.