january 25, 2004







I love the smell of turpentine. I really love the shiny goo of damar varnish and can’t wait for the fresh batch I made today to be nice, viscous and ready to use in some form either as a paint binder or a glaze soon.
One of my upcoming studio-keeping chores is figuring out a better ventilation system than what I’ve got going on now. Currently I’m huffing more toxins than Citizen Ruth and probably killing off those much needed brain cells. I keep telling myself how great it is it’s been years that I’ve been off the cigarettes, but lets get real, headache inducing fumes probably aren’t doing my lungs any favors either.

I read this great quote once from an L.A. painter, claiming the reason all West Coast artists put so much shine on their paintings is because they are only familiar with art as reproductions in art magazines.