january 27, 2004








There are a few (hopefully) good shows I am mapping out intention to see in the next week or two:

Museum of Natural History and Industry has Doodles, Drawing and Doodads: Industrial Drawings, a traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution (highlighting 200 years of American design with authentic drawings and plans). Opening on Saturday, January 31. I know that exhibit title sounds shamelessly cute but I am relying on the good integrity of the Smithsonian to rise above and deliver something with some substance.

The Museum of Glass has a Sandy Skogland show already opened, which I would like to see and check out their facilities as well.

What I really need though, [what I am craving] is a good painting show. Maybe it’s time to check out the galleries, which will be playing the big exhibit switch over in one Thursday. The city’s strangely named c.d.a. gallery (Cultural Development Authority, I know, don’t ask) has a painting show coming up, and I imagine I could visit Seattle Art Museum one of these days, now that I’ve missed the too trend laden to be good Baja to Vancouver: The West Coast in Contemporary Art. I promised myself if I change my mind about Baja, it’s a good enough excuse to go to Canada this summer.