January 8, 2004


What a thrill to find The Vroom Journal , someone who has been surveying the Seattle art world for a long time. I was looking for information on the new 1506 Projects gallery and came across a great post about their last two shows. My interest was perked when I saw a listing of their current show,”Works On Paper”. I was secretly hoping for our own Drawing Center I guess. 

The Stanger listed them as:

WORK ON PAPER Brand-new gallery! With work by Ted Galaday, Sarah Bergmann, Neal Bashor, Dianna Molzan, and Juliet Jacobson. Opening reception Sat Jan 3, 6-9 pm. 1506 Projects, 1506 E Olive Way, 860-4197. Through Jan 31.

I will have to venture out very soon, our unusual weather patterns are currently leaving me homebound. Unfortunately the studio is stinking freezing.