Malia Jensen

I have had thoughts and images drift in and out of my consciousness this week from my recent trip south. One artist I keep thinking about, her work really struck a note with me, is sculptor Malia Jensen. I saw her speak at the panel discussion Having Words Saturday evening. Actually, I am very interested in seeing everyone’s work that was on the panel, a curious backwards way to get to know an artist work: hear about it and then try to track it down.
Jenson is a narrative sculptor who uses animal imagery to convey topics of dignity, fragility, and human grace—and most importantly a sense of humor. I gather she started out as a painter but now works in casting and constructing her imagery. I hope I get a chance to see her work in the upcoming future.

More links about her work:

At Fort Barry Project Space.

review of her N ot there show at PDX gallery in Portland.

slips (public work)

slippery (scroll down)