March 1, 2001


If you are feeling passive-aggressive about your job today…Take a look at Disgruntled Housewive’s “Handy tips to help you stomach that soul-crushing job of yours” archive.I love this site that comes out of Austin, TX- a veritable smorgasbord of graphics for starters,helpful hints for the weary,and even naked ladies!


Save this one for after lunch- only if you haven’t had your fill of saccharine yet.Scrolling down this weeks Michael Musto’s Village Voice column,you can read his interview with Charo,to find out why her English is getting worse!

** on a more sober note, thank you to fellow Ex-NorthWesterner Dangerous Monkey yesterday for the knowledge regarding the Seattle earthquake. Sometimes I wonder if East Coast papers can look beyond the tip of their own noses. The NY Times On-line didn’t even list this as breaking news yesterday-it made it to their second tier news section. Fuck them.