March 8, 2001


The Village Voice’s Machine Age column this week discusses a site called “Disturbing Search Requests“. Truth.Fiction.Scary. How are people getting to your site?

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If anyone is jonesing for the early days of Black Sabbath or garage Floyd:

“I’d like to introduce the members Tim Bagshaw on bass,Mark Greening on drums …and also myself, on the lead,electric guitar”

– Jus Oborn with his band Electric Wizard.

Tuesday night brought England’s Electric Wizard to New York, and to the uninitiated- they did not disappoint.

Playing to a strangely packed crowd at the scummy Continental (sidenote-oh my God- even they have a website!), EW found themselves in the early leg of their United States tour. Although you needed a weed wacker to get through the hard-core heavy metal heads, and there was an opening band which attracted a few too many members of Magic The Gathering (causing perhaps the band to drink too of sheer boredom before their 12 midnight slot)EW was a reminder of, how should I say- unpretentious,fucking great rock and roll. Hailing from Dorset,UK they are currently touring their way around the United States at breakneck speed, coming soon to your quarters.

Read an interview with these unassuming, nice blokes about their latest album “Dopethrone” from the rockzine Roadburn‘s site.