Margaret Kilgallen / Giant Robot

Giant Robot has a fantastic feature (including cover) of Margaret Kilgallen in their latest issue #37.

From the editor’s desk of GR:

It’s an honor to have Margaret Kilgallen’s work on the cover of this issue. She was a Giant Robot reader, and we met her a few times too. Once she and her husband came to see us speak to a tiny group of Asian-American students at Stanford. Then we saw them paint a mural in a Los Angeles parking lot. After hearing about an upcoming retrospective of Margaret’s work at REDCAT, we took a low-percentage shot and asked her longtime friend and REDCAT curator Eungie Joo if there was any chance that original material existed. Not one minute later, an email came back: Eungie had just found an unpublished interview from 1999 on her computer. And it turns out it was Margaret who turned Eungie on to GR!

Since Margaret passed away in 2001, the art world has changed a lot. Street, folk and “outsider” art have found their way into the spotlight, and Margaret is often grouped with today’s most respected artists. Of course we wanted to feature her in the magazine, but Eungie put it well when she said, “I am really uninterested in feeding myth without material.” We feel the same way, and hope that the article will provide insight into her personality, while, at the same time, placing her work into context.

We don’t intend to over dramatize Margaret’s life in any way. Our intention is to treat her works like everything else we cover. It’s stuff that we find inspiring.

Only one slight misfortune, and I don’t think they were trying to be cheeky- the cover of the GR misspells her last name as Killgallen. No matter, if you are a fan of Margaret it’s a must read issue.

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