May 17, 2001


“Oh thank God this is here now. Let this never go away.”

Does the world really need a new music magazine?

(edit- Does the world really need to read a gripe about a new music magazine- you see where this is going).

Boy oh boy does it ever!
I browsed up the “premiere” copy of Blender Magazine at work this week, just for kicks, and the sneaking suspicion I had about it was just confirmed when I looked at their web site and saw in the itty bitty tiny corner down at the bottom of the page the Dennis masthead signaling the world, danger, danger this is a product along the same lines as Maxim.

Uh, I know no one made me read it, and it was a little strange to see stuffed in between the likes of Janet Jackson and Destiny’s Child and Tim McGraw (a triple header!) a few interesting things, like the whole reason I picked up the magazine because there was an interview with Radiohead, but then I became extremely sad because I realized I have been in total denial that Radiohead is indeed corporate rock, but it doesn’t have to be that way does it? And then Thom Yorke’s plug, in said article, for the new Low album which of course completely blows another little fuse of melancholia in my brain because I kind of like having them quiet and all to myself.

But back to Maxim. I really don’t need to diverge on some stupid tangent about the special qualities of Maxim, Stuff, More Stuff, Stuff that Gets You More Stuff. But I do remember reading this article last fall that the New York Press ran concerning big gun Felix Dennis and his publishing empire which made me think, hmmm, they’re up to it again. Actually it’s a really funny article:

KB: The fact of the matter is, there seems to be the impression that Maxim is somehow lowbrow because it appeals to things that are basic and common in men. It’s the same argument that bands get when they become successful. Everybody says, “Oh, now they’ve sold out.”

RS: I don’t think that’s true. I mean, if Maxim was [only] 100,000 circulation, I would still find nothing to read in it, as well as now that it’s two million.

DI: So you personally find nothing to read in it?

RS: No. It’s a horrible magazine. So I find its success…

DI: Troubling.

RS: No, no. As I’ve said, I admire your owner… I think you guys have a tremendous base to work with. Eventually you’ll be able to sneak some good editorial in.

DI: I wouldn’t hold your breath for the editorial to change much. You may be under the impression that people are only buying it for the titillation and sort of accepting the editorial–

RS: Look, models are models… I particularly had trouble with [pieces like the one about] “I’ve always had trouble peeing in public. What can I do to get things flowing?” What’s new about that? That’s only been done for the last 30 years.

DI: When I was at Details we did a much longer piece, more sensational piece about that–

RS: Some guys are pee shy.


* * *

edit- I swear I have nothing to do with the XFL going under.