May 18, 2001


Shut the window,it’s the disgusting world of flies

It’s Friday and maybe you’re only in the mood for something Totally Stupid. Well guess what, you’re in for a treat, it’s Totally Stupid’s everything you didn’t want to know about about everything insecty– how about some Face Fly Biology and Management tips! Download a virtual fly quick time movie, “Voted stupidest quicktime movie involving a fly by our panel of experts.” Also Mutant Fruit Flies, Aughhh!!!

Endless loads of “information” to be had at this site.
If that’s not enough for you, check out their Stupid Links, “Others Claim to Have Stupid Links. We Actually Have Them.See.

(-Thanks Mr. Spotts for this one)

Time Blurp
This whole web thing is extra weird when you come across someone you haven’t seen for a very long time and kind of catch up on what they’ve been doing with out ever exchanging pleasantries. Richard Denner used to own a really cool bookstore and was the boheme about town in a very (repeat:very, to the second power) small Eastern Washington town,who maybe some of you (edit-gratuitous Dangerous Monkey link) might remember.
Looks like he’s been busy. I located him in the liner notes of the new Steve Fisk album (999 Levels of Undo) (he’s on track 8). As a naive college kid his stories of New York City and various travels stuck in my head, made me want to get some of my own.
Well, what do you know. Thank you and good night.