May 21, 2001


Naked-Eye Astronomy For The Rest of Us

A guy in a Members Only (TM) jacket ambles down a starry path towards you to the soothing sounds of synthesizer music like you’ve just gone back to some teenage episode at the Laserium. You could swear he is standing on the Milky Way. Is it a bad acid trip flashback?

No, it’s Jack Horkheimer’s: Star Gazer! The worlds first and only weekly TV series on Naked Eye Astronomy. In each 5 minute episode (check your PBSlistings)Jack gives you a visual update of what is going on in that sky up there, “Last Chance to See Jupiter; Mercury Meets The Moon; and: The Hidden Splendor of Gemini!” was last weeks update. All presented with his mission in mind, to bring astronomy to the likes of you and me.

If you are feeling left out, you can see an episode of Star Gazer, right on your own computer, right now!

***Something to look forward to, know that the Star Gazer Episode June 18- June 24, 2001 will show case
The Fabulous Summer Solstice of 2001! Mars At Its Closest in 13 Years! And The First Total Eclipse Of The Sun Of The Millennium!

“Keep Looking Up!”

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And to further accommodate you budding Astronomers

I feel a little sheepish in admitting I have the gizmo to run this program, but if you have a gizmo that runs Palm OS, check out this fantastic program called Planetarium (it’s amazing).

Don’t mind me,I’m still working on that Big and Little Dipper.