May 23, 2001

Tony Pierce has saved the world a lot.



The Time Has Come The Walrus Said to Talk…

Heh-Heh. The Village Voice this week clarifies things on that new music mag we were speaking of last week. Blender gets a once over with a fine tooth. See what we mean….(scroll down to second story “Blender or Pulp Mill?”

I know, why do I even give a shit? I really don’t know.

I was going to mention one small tidbit almost retraction worthy that I had found amongst the snappy pages of Blender,a web site tip off, but the irony is the suggested content from Berlin based Flip Flop Flyin’ site has already seen its grave:”23 Apr 01: Minipops is dead“.

What began as a dumb thing to amuse myself became more popular than I could ever have envisaged. Now is the time for me to put Minipops to sleep.” -Craig

Minipops is where you were supposed to “Go sweat the small stuff” according to Blender. It’s okay,there are still some very entertaining graphic based ideas to peruse here,including an entire history of the site as it celebrates its two year Geburtstag.
(Hey-I’m partial to Coffee Boy!)