Miscellaneous Papers

Interesting article in the NYT today about a Rothko manuscript his son Christopher Rothko has been wrestling with:

“It was sloppily typed, with numerous hand-marked additions and deletions – and more numerous typos – and it betrayed no obvious order or narrative direction,” Christopher Rothko writes in the introduction. “If there was something of interest – and at first glance there really wasn’t – to make something of it truly would have been a nuisance.”

Out of the jumble though is the soon to be published though is the book The Artist’s Reality: Philosophies of Art, accordingly the only book Mark Rothko ever wrote, featuring his thoughts on an artists place in the world of art history.

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I have to mention, as a tie in, Rothko has been on my mind as well. I recently featured Rothko as a pun in a recent work, one from a new series of drawings recently completed.

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Rubbing my eyes and choking on my first sip of coffee this morning I realized visitors from NYFA making their way to to this website. Thanks indeed to a great article by Tyler on the subject of art weblogs, and honored to be noted in the piece.