NYC Whirlwind

The newly curated Museum of Modern Art in New York, which I visited over a week ago lives up to the hype, it is spectacular .

It did my heart good to see so many people engaged in art.
I was particularly touched by this group of school kids piled up in front of Faith Ringgold’s painting.

Faith Ringgold
American People Series, #20: Die
Oil on two panels, 72” x 144”


My personal favorite room at MOMA is Amy Sillman’s ‘Artist Choice: The Shape of Shape‘.
She was allowed access to MOMA’s collection and curated a room full of works that essentially ended up looking like one of her paintings. I’m thinking life size representation of her work “Me & Ugly Mountain” which is essentially a painting of her dragging a bunch of ideas around.
Just being in a room with her color choices come to life was swoon worthy.
The Shape of Shape’ is up through June 7th. I actually had to ask one of MOMA’s staff how to locate it as there so many choices to be had there.

Shape of A Shape

MOMA also has a fantastic fiber exhibit up titled “Taking A Thread For A Walk” exploring the history of modern textiles. Anni Albers is getting her due all over the place this year finally and some of her early sketches and work on on display through May 17.

Taking a Thread for a Walk

That’s all my head had room to think on in my whirlwind one day visit to NYC.

Editorial note from the future – little did I know that literally days later the world would go into lockdown a few weeks later and there would be no more visits to New York or museums in general for a long, long time.