pARTners: Considerations Rather Than Constraints
at the Kirkland Arts Center.

Here is another exhibit at the Kirkland Arts Center that looks promising- curated by Deborah Paine who is an art consultant and worked as the Microsoft Art Collection Coordinator from 1993-2003. As an example of pairing live-in partners who both make art, Paine sets out to prove the impact and subtle influence two people’s work might have on each other over the long haul. At the very it is an interesting survey of local work- representational of some of the area’s established art makers.

Artist couples on display in pARTners incude: Gwen Knight & Jacob Lawrence, Robert C. Jones & Fay Jones, Michael Spafford & Elizabeth Sandvig, Robert Hanson & Judy Cooke,
Michael Burns & Marsha Burns, John Buck & Deborah Butterfield, Valeriy Gerlovin & Rimma Gerlovina, Albert Paley & Frances Paley, Lee Kelly & Bonnie Bronson, Sheila Klein & Ries Niemi, Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick, Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo, Gaylen Hansen & Heidi Oberheide, Robert Sperry & Patti Warashina, Sherry Markovitz & Peter Millett, Gregory Grenon & Mary Josephson, Jerry Uelsmann & Maggie Taylor, Aaron Parazette & Sharon Engelstein, Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles, Leo Saul Berk & Claire Cowie, Nancy Callan & Julia Ricketts, Demi Raven & Rebecca Raven, Dirk Park & Jaq Chartier, Patte Loper & Ken Fandell.

The Kirkland Arts Center is open Monday- Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 11am-5pm.