Word on the street is Portland is gearing up for its first art fair (AFFAIR) in a couple of weekends. Note to self, PDX is only a three hour car ride, what’s stopping you? A little bird told me to keep an eye out for the October issue of Art News for more Portland insight and watch Aaron Brown’s show on CNN sept 28th to see an interview with Jeff Jahn.

I find it fascinating how some towns appear to keep the stream of enthusiasm for the arts up in the air continuously while others kind of just let it happen over their back shoulder.

I was in Sacramento this weekend and tried to do a little sleuthing on the mysterious Fools Foundation. Myself and an accomplice trespassed the building they are located in, only to find a small little sign– stating their name. FF is definitely keeping a low profile at the moment, even though their first exhibit is slated to open next month.
I have a crew keeping an eye on them.