SFMOMA and De Young

I am exhausted. Finally a good night’s sleep and the SF garbage trucks wake me up at 5:04A. I’m fighting off some bullshit cold that I’ve been trying to get since Thursday.

Yesterday we met at SFMOMA. But first I got hopelessly lost for a good half hour after getting off BART. It had already been a long day with the flight. A quick coffee at SFMOMA coffee shop, a wait in line to see The Clock, which was brilliant and entertaining, lunch at that tea place in Yerba Beuna Gardens which was more chi chi and small portioned than we had hoped ( and at lunch time not as relaxing). The weather yesterday was downright perfect. back to SFMOMA to see the Garry Winograd exhibit which was important but honestly we buzzed through it. A cab ride to Golden Gate Park to see The Girl with A Pearl Earring.

The Girl w/ Earring show at the de Young was perfect and strangely not too crowded. It was such a treat to see the Vermeer, Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Frans Hals, a lovely show. We looked at the permanent modern art collection and I opined in front of the DeKoonig how much I wish I was still painting. Cab to San Remo then we hoofed it back downtown to have dinner at a food court in a mall which was actually nice. Then on to BART and I took a cab to City Lights. That and the Italian coffee shop up here in North Beach are my two SF touchstones. It was calming to just browse, listen to earnest 20 something discussions about poetry and just be.

I walked back to the San Remo, dropped my stuff and ventured two blocks to Safeway to get a bottle of wine.