Shift Open on Fridays too

NoteShift Gallery will be open on Fridays and Saturdays through September, 12-5 pm.

Last night’s opening was a blast and a lot of people came by, including our fellow blogger Bre Pettis who has a great First Thursday report up on his site this morning. Thanks to his write up I now know about a new gallery in the Pioneer Square area named the Catherine Person gallery. Upon closer inspection I realize I had seen (and written about) a beautiful show she had mounted last year in Belltown. This is where I saw and fell in love with the work of Teresa T. Schmidt, so I will have to go check it out in person. There is actually a lot of new little spaces popping up in and around the Tashiro-Kaplan Building, and despite the dreadful parking and post baseball game traffic last night, the area was a hive of gallery attending activity. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by.

A nice mention by Vroom Journal, in Steven Michael Vroom’s round up of First Thursday offerings.