S*Storm Round Two


Tonight will find the masterminds behind Sh!tstorm presenting their second case to the public at the Rendezvous in Belltown, Jewelbox Theater, 7pm.

What do they have on the docket for the evening? Your interpretation is as good as mine:

The last year has seen a sea change in artistic leadership in Seattle,
with the Rep, ConWorks, PNB, Empty Space, Town Hall and other Seattle
arts institutions importing new talent to captain their respective
ships. SH!TSTORM has invited the new blood to hear all about the bad
blood and the bloody good that they will encounter by accepting a
leadership position in our fair yet drizzly city. The bravest of the
brave new recruits have accepted.

Those players brave enough and bold enough to attend will be given a
chance to introduce themselves and their vision for their respective
organization. And then the BONE will be thrown out. On the side of
“Welcome to Hooterville – A Great Place to Live and Work” will be
Jonathan Moore (still not confirmed but leaning in) , co-founder and
chief executive of Jasiri Media Group and winner of the 2003 Mayor’s
Award for Hip-Hop Excellence. The rebuttal, “Welcome to Hooterville –
Run Away, Run Very Far Away” 
will be presented by Tamara Paris, writer,
actor and all-around lovably venom-tongued harpy. Then the floor is
opened, and the SH!TSTORM begins.

The night’s proceedings will be guided by the firm yet gentle hand of
Parliamentarian Bret Fetzer, writer, actor, theatrical entrepreneur and
all round good guy in his own right.

SH!TSTORM II: Welcome to Hooterville
The SH!TSTORM Welcome Wagon
Tuesday October 18th at 7pm
The Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater
2322 Second Ave – Seattle